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Our identity

Sugar-daddies.us is an upcoming service dedicated to providing the user with an unbiased look at the local sugar dating. This niche tends to pick up unique characteristics that an inexperienced person might not be aware of. We offer reviews about different sugar dating platforms and all the services and features they offer.

Even with the large repertoire of reviews we provide, it’s impossible to research every single platform available. However, most popular resources have been looked through and thoroughly vetted by our enthusiasts.

In short, we believe that our reviews provide the user with adequate information about a platform they might be interested in. A sugar beginner will be aware of the reputation, user base, usability, pricing, and other important attributes each resource provide.

Our Authors

 Taylor B. Jones
Taylor B. Jones
Taylor B Jones is a sugar dating couch. She helped over 500 women to find perfect daddy and taught them how to behave right with men. Her clients include the college senior who interviewed a millionaire and ended up dating him, a woman living abroad, sustaining her relationship while outside the country, an IVY League student who found her ideal relationship (no dating site necessary), and a mature woman and, of course, rich men.
Adrian Johnson
Adrian Johnson
He's been working in online dating for 10 years. Not to be recognised, he use a pseudonym and not real photo and want to share my thoughts, researches here. Also, you can find his blog on Medium
Bello Joy
Bello Joy
Writer, Expert
Bello Joy is a sugar daddy with a huge experience in this field. He helped a lot of people with seeking arrangements, how to start, avoid different types of scam and so on.

Our monetization

Our vision is to provide our services to all readers free of cost. Thanks to sponsorships and advertising that Sugar-daddies.us receives, this is now possible! All reviews on our website are available to everyone without any subscription or payment.

The aforementioned sponsorship is, in part, from companies we advertise and review. We receive compensation from these advertisers whenever a user gets redirected from our page to a webpage he’s interested in. These sponsorships can also impact the order and priority in which dating websites are listed in.

However, all content and reviews posted on our platform are our own opinion. These sponsorships don’t influence the way we positively or negatively review each site. We go in-depth into the user engagement, user interface, and other elements of the resource.

Our review policy

The reviews and analysis posted on our platform are generated by our team of enthusiasts. They follow strict internal guidelines to ensure unbiased, accurate, and quality reviews. In this regard, our marketing and review team are kept apart to make sure no potential biases appear.

The exhaustive analysis takes a deeper look at each one of these websites. This is done mainly by our members spending weeks to use each feature and noting their personal experience. All feedback and quirks they notice are put into the final review. The main elements we look into are the usability, user base, ease of use, pricing, security, and support. Of course, a lot of other underlooked aspects about these platforms are also taken into consideration.

Our team strives to maintain 100% accuracy in our reviews, but there’s a small chance any quirk we mention in our articles could be updated by the website over time. We try to update our reviews regularly as well.

Promoted brands can get in contact with our team to actualize publications. We’re also always ready to receive feedback and suggestions from our readers. If you have anything to share, contact us via email.

Our review scoring

Our reviews are based on certain criteria that are easy for the reader to follow. These include:

  1. Popularity
  2. User interface and usability
  3. Reputation
  4. User engagement

Popularity is an important metric that gauges how popular dating websites are among users. It takes into account the analytical data from the number of unique visitors and other metrics. A higher popularity score implies more members frequent the service and thus, it has a large user base.

User interface is an important element to make a platform feel smooth and intuitive to use. Our reviews take this into account when we look over the general design on the website and how it allows the user to interact with other members on the platform. A great interface makes it easy for newcomers to access the full potential of the website. Usability is also intrinsically tied to the user interface.

Reputation takes into account how other patrons of such services rate them. We read feedback from real users on numerous review sites and display them for the convenience of the reader. Hopefully, these scores will be instrumental in helping you pick the right choice!

User engagement is an essential metric in determining how users of sugar platforms use the service. It helps the service further customize and optimize the experience for new and old users alike. The information can be obtained from third party analytical services. More pages viewed, more interaction and longer visit durations, a higher score the platform gets.


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