Is Austin A Good City For Sugar Babies To Find Sugar Daddies?

You don’t want to move to a city without many sugar daddies, after all. That would be a waste of time and leave you hard pressed for money! This article will show you what your chances look like, and you’ll be able to make an informed decision with ease.

What city has the most sugar daddies?

Numerically, SeekingArrangements states that Chicago has the largest sugar daddy population. That being said, Austin actually has the most sugar daddies per 1000 males! With nearly 9290 recorded sugar daddies (from SeekingArrangements alone!), a significant portion of the rich male population in Austin loves catering to sugar babies. So if you’re a single lady interested in a financially beneficial relationship, Austin is one of the best places to begin.

Are there a lot of sugar babies in Austin?

In any city you go to, the number of sugar babies is always higher than the number of sugar daddies. Austin is no different. There are more than just a few thousand sugar babies, so if you’re looking for a sugar daddy, be wary of your competition!

What are the pros and cons of sugar arrangements in Austin?


  1. It’s cheaper to get a sugar baby in Austin than in other major hubs like Los Angeles and New York. Then again, a sugar daddy isn’t usually worried about cost. Still, being able to save a few bucks is a good feeling.
  2. Sugar daddies in Austin are very rich, on account of it being a more expensive city to live in. This means that if you manage to land a sugar daddy in Austin, you’ll live comfortably for as long as he chooses to sugar you.


  1. The numbers given by SeekingArrangements seem a bit shady. The fact that they say there are nearly 45000 sugar babies in Austin would imply that all 26000 of Austin’s female college population are active sugar babies. This isn’t impossible, but you have to admit that’s super unlikely.
  2. If the numbers are true, then having such a large number of sugar babies in Austin is detrimental if you already have a sugar daddy. You risk being broken up with, so your sugar daddy can get a taste of some new flavor. No sugar baby likes going through that experience, so it makes sense to carry out your sugaring endeavors in a city which has a more sugar baby to daddy ratio.


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