How Difficult Is It To Find A Sugar Daddy In Los Angeles?

California is a rich state, and Los Angeles is the richest city in California. So, it’s not too hard, as long as you know the right places to look. This handy list will show you how to get a sugar daddy in Los Angeles.

Malibu Colony Beach

One of the more picturesque areas, a home here costs several millions of dollars, and is always home to high-profile men.

Beverly Hills

It’s where the celebrities live, and quite a few celebrities happen to be sugar daddies. For example, ever here of Hugh Hefner? Of course you have, he’s the original sugar daddy. Stevie J. and even Lee Najjar are some famous sugar daddies, so trying your luck amongst celebrities is not a bad idea.

Avalon Hollywood & Bardot

This is one of the most exclusive bars in Los Angeles. It’s extremely pricey, and a favorite among sugar daddies because of this exclusivity. If you get a sugar daddy who frequents Avalon Hollywood & Bardot, you should prepare yourself for a lifestyle filled with luxury for the remainder of your relationship.


An expensive residential neighborhood, Trousdale is home to medical professionals, businessmen and tech giants- All of whom specialize in having lots of disposable income.

Car meets

The people in Los Angeles love their cars- Especially the rich folk. If you hang out around car meets enough times, you’re bound to run into sugar daddies who would end up asking to spend time with you.

Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame

While the Walk Of Fame itself is just a tourist attraction, it is surrounded by expensive restaurants and shops. You would naturally find lots of men who would qualify to be sugar daddies here.

Any of the high tier clothing shops

Rich people like to dress rich. This means you can often find them spending time at high class clothes stores, doing their best to look the part.

High class restaurants

The kind where you would have to spend half a year on a waiting list before getting a table. You wouldn’t expect to meet your sugar daddy at Applebee’s, right?

West Hollywood

This is the most luxurious residential area in Los Angeles. Anyone who can afford to live in the true lap of luxury has a home in West Hollywood.

Exotic car dealerships

Forget your standard Italian supercar brands. Companies like RUF, Rod Emory and Brabus are where the truly rich get their cars from- And it’s one of the best places in Los Angeles to find a sugar daddy.