Real Sugar Babies Stories And Sugar Daddy Experience

‌There are lots of successful sugar daddies stories that tell what it`s really like to have mutually beneficial relationships. It`s believed women get cash, expensive presents, and luxurious trips. Men are accompanied by gorgeous young girls and, often, get some other intimate benefits (it all depends). What`s true and what`s fiction? Find some sugar daddy real stories below.

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My sugar daddy experience — “I`ll remember her for long”

‌Here`s my sugar daddy story. In fact, I`ve been into it for years now and have had several girls who agreed to spend time with me when I wanted and left whenever I told them so. All of them were okay — young, pretty, fun. But there was one I`ll probably remember for long.

‌So, this is probably going to be one of those sugar daddy sex stories. So, the girl, let`s call her Stefanie, was 25 years old when I met her on one of the sites. She just graduated, didn`t have a boyfriend, and was all about setting up her life. I knew she needed money and was totally fine to be a sugar baby. It seemed like there was nothing special. But there was.

‌She had this special list of places where she wanted to have sex. Wow. And she, of course, also needed a man to experience that with. God, lucky me. Yeah, I was really lucky in a dressing room first. Then in my office. In an airplane (well, not in the bathroom) — I was getting my jollies on under a blanket. On a roof. In the swimming pool. Check, check, and check.


What`s it like being a sugar baby: my experience

‌There are some sugar daddy stories that you just can`t believe. Maybe this will be one of them, but I solemnly swear to you — it`s true.

‌So I met this guy at my friend`s party. She introduced us. He was a quite attractive man, a foreigner and 15 years older than me. I was almost 19 at that time. I knew he was kind of a sugar daddy because my friend told me a few stories about him. But I wasn`t really interested in this sugaring thing, I thought it was just not for me.

‌But he called me the next day and asked me out. It was so unexpected, I agreed. He picked me up, and we went to this expensive local restaurant I`ve never been to and blah blah blah. Usual stuff rich men do when they`re with girls they want to impress. So, let`s cut this story short and get to the point.

‌He bought me a car. Yeah. He. Bought. Me. A Car. I just told him I was saving for a car because I really needed one to get around the city. And the next day it was right outside my home — Mazda MX-5 Miata. Completely new and extremely beautiful. After that, we hung out for a couple of weeks until he left, and we never saw each other again.

I found a true life sugar baby

‌Well, that`s what I thought at first. We met on a sugar daddy platform, chatted for a while, and agreed to go out together. She wanted monthly allowances and to get wined and dined at fancy restaurants. I`d call it compensated dating or compensated companionship — she was with me whenever I asked and got paid for it.

‌Frankly speaking, I never thought I could find a real life sugar baby. But, on the one hand, she was as real as it gets — we were hanging out and having a great time together. On the other hand, the only condition she agreed on sugaring was complete anonymity. She never told me her true name. In fact, nothing about her real life. And she offered me to do the same. We made up our stories. Honestly, I first was hesitating, but then I loved the idea. It was exciting and even hot. So turning on.


My successful sugar baby story

‌What`s it like to be a sugar baby? About a year ago I had no idea and never thought I would ever experience it myself. But everything changed when I met a woman who told me everything about sugaring and its benefits. She was completely okay talking about it and didn`t feel like it was something to be ashamed of. She also said I was perfect for a sugar baby role — pretty, young, free, and easygoing.

‌So I registered on a site. And the next thing you know — you have it all. I dined at expensive restaurants where bills were $300-500 on average. I got paid $400 for one date. I received expensive presents like designer shoes and clothes. I spent weekends in five-star hotels. And I know that not all sugar baby stories are like that, but that`s mine. Maybe my secret is that I never do it just for money. I take it easy and enjoy the process. I know what men want and I give it.

‌Do you have your own seekingarrangement stories? Or just looking for an opportunity to experience it all yourself? Sugaring can indeed be incredibly rewarding and a great deal of fun. You just should know the rules and play the game. Enjoy!

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