Your Personal Sugar Baby Allowance Guide

To make it clear from the very beginning, you should understand that sugar baby cost is variable and depends on tons of factors. All sugar agreements are different, as there are many types of them. And even the average numbers are difficult to define, as sugar allowances have a tremendous range from the hundreds to the thousands or even tens of thousands. So let’s talk about the approximate ballpark in the guide below.

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What is sugar baby allowance?

Allowance comes in the form of cash, while gifts and tuition costs are perks. Packages are negotiated between the sugar baby and daddy. But there are many factors that impact the size of the financial benefits that babies receive from daddies. Sometimes it can be an allowance. But the size is very variable and negotiable. If a sugar daddy isn`t a very old man, yet good-looking, with lots of social connections, then many young and beautiful ladies would be more than happy to get in touch with him. Then the allowance isn`t the case!

Even if sugar daddy is 80, but he’s influential and can sponsor a business and help girl to set up social connections, isn`t it more valuable than just allowance? Allowance can be wasted on meaningless shopping. The sugar world isn`t just black and white yet. It`s an amazing experience for a girl from a mediocre background to get into the wealthier world.

How much allowance do sugar babies get?

It’s a baby who can set an average amount of money she wants to receive. Or she decides what compensation she gets for her time if she isn’t interested in cash. So, figure out how much or what exactly you require. But be reasonable. It’s one thing to desire something and another to be ready to give something back for it.

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What is the average allowance for a sugar baby?

Typical allowance range is from $1000 to $5000 per month. Common allowance for sugar babies is $3000 per month from his daddy.Think what form of sugaring is acceptable for you and what you’re ready for. As a rule, the more you give in your relationships, the more you get.

Average allowance per date

When sugar partners meet on a regular basis, the maximum sugar daddy is willing to pay is about $3,000 monthly in the US (it still can be $6,000 and even $10,000.) Average daddy in an expensive city on the East Coast pays $1,000-$2,000 per month. $1,000 to $1,500 is more typical. The date is usually dinner, drinks, nightclub/music, and a sleepover. He pays for meals and other expenses related to the date, but no gifts or clothes or such things.

When a sugar baby is paid per date, in Australia it’s $700-$1,000 per meeting, in the US — $500-$600. A “once in a while” sugar date costs $1,000-$1,500. It’s more expensive than a regular one. A platonic companionship is approximately $200 per date.

Sugar daddy can be a traveling millionaire, who practically has babies in every town he frequently visits. These girls are free to do what they want and only committed to him when he’s in town. Prices vary from town to town. Babes in developed and undeveloped countries are vastly different. Sometimes sugar daddies can be married. They can also be very busy in their cities. But they may ask the baby to accompany them on the business trip. So, babies usually enjoy going on a trip and stay in a nice hotel, go eat in fancy restaurants, and get some money on shopping. It depends on the negotiations between both.

What type of sugar arrangement do you want or have?

  • Compensated dating. If all you can offer for now is to spend some time with a man going on dates with him, then you won’t get much in return. Men usually pay for fancy dinners. Sometimes they might buy a nice present or give compensation for a girl’s time. It’s commonly a hundred or a few hundred dollars for a date.
  • Companionship. It involves more activities, so babies get much bigger allowances depending on the arrangement. The more time you spend with your daddy, the more you get. Note that such type of arrangement doesn't imply intimacy. You just accompany a man when he wants it. This also determines how much you receive.
  • Sugar dating. This is one of the most beneficial types of arrangements with the highest sugar baby monthly allowance. But the cost also varies depending on what you agree to do - companionship and accessibility any time, intimacy, indulgence to man’s whims and wishes, and so on.

What kind of allowance are you looking for?

After you make up your mind about the type of arrangement you are eager to have, there’s another thing to consider. How much exactly do you want? Is the game worth the candle in the end? Let’s think about what exactly you can ask for in a typical sugar baby arrangement.

  1. You need some extra money. Like a few hundred bucks or a bit more? Plenty of girls just go on regular sugar dates and it doesn’t oblige them to anything like regular companionship or intimacy. They get $200-500 for that.
  2. You need to pay for college. If you’re a young pretty student, why don’t you benefit from it dating older and more successful men? It’s thousands of bucks a year that you can spend to cover your tuition fee.
  3. You need your living expenses covered. Seeking arrangement average allowance for girls who want to have a carefree life is about $3,000 a month. This number can be much bigger, up to 6 or even 10 thousand dollars.

Factors affecting on how much does a sugar baby cost

The value and the allowance of ladies who register on sugar dating sites to get into mutually beneficial relationships depends on the following factors:

  • Sugar babies’ occupation. Sugar daddies prefer to make arrangements with young and ambitious ladies. They pay their tuition. Or daddies perceive these babies as investments, so men are more willing to give them more money when they know that girls spend it on education or starting a business rather than just waste money on shopping. If the baby isn’t a student and has kids, her allowance is usually lower than a young and ambitious medical or law school student.
  • Education and appearance. The more educated and expensively dressed, the more costly and higher the baby’s financial need, frequency of meetings, social risk, and level of discretion needed. Besides, it depends on how sugar baby can tolerate her benefactor.
  • Age. Sometimes a baby can be 30+ and daddy is about 40-45. When the age difference isn't dramatic, the girl usually only enjoys dining in good restaurants and being a companion. In that case, she doesn't receive any allowance, only gets paid for her dates.
  • Open/close restrictions arrangements. Sugar baby receives more if she’s more open to a new experience with her daddy. Then baby besides her basic allowance and can receive more money or gifts. If both sugar partners agreed to a certain format of relationship, the baby receives only allowance and nothing more.

The bottom line

So, know you know how to ask your sugar daddy for money or an allowance. All in all, you see yourself that seeking arrangement cost is variable. From a few hundred to thousands of dollars. However, the sugar relationship isn’t an official agreement with an established allowance. The more sugar you’re ready to give to your daddy, the bigger your allowance is. All you need is to define what arrangement is acceptable for you. And don’t be shy to ask for more! All arrangements are negotiated individually. You’re totally worth it and deserve it!


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