What To Expect From Vanilla Relationship: The Best Guide

Sugar and vanilla both sound sweet and nice, but the difference is indeed huge. Especially when you`re talking about the two types of relationships. Sugar dating is something many girls want to try. The vanilla relationship is something not everyone can achieve right away. Still, both these types have the right to exist. It`s important to tell the difference between them to choose the right option that would fulfill all your current needs.

What does vanilla relationship mean?

Vanilla dating is the same thing as a usual relationship: it involves real feelings, getting to know each other, developing the relationship, improving yourself and your partner. See, a vanilla relationship has nothing to do with money, cheating, or seeking companionship. It`s all about trust, support, and willingness to maintain healthy.

The difference between vanilla and sugar relationships

Sugar dating is the opposite of vanilla relationship. It doesn`t require any deep commitment and doesn`t necessarily involve feelings. In vanilla dating, you choose one partner and don`t look at other potential lovers. In sugar dating, it`s either "daddies" who have a wife on the side (which is rare) or "babies" who can be involved in other relationships too.

In sugar dating, all you have to do is look for sugar baby or daddy. This involves financial gain for the ladies and the companionship of a sugar daddy. In this type of relationship, you cater to your own needs and seek fulfillment of your most essential needs. Girls usually find sugar daddy to cover their college or accommodations expenses, pay for study books or bills, move to another city to get a college degree, etc. Sugar daddies, in return, get their attention and time. They take these girls to fancy places, hang out in cafes and shopping malls, sometimes even travel and visit various events together.

Sugar dating is more of an open relationship: you both may date someone else on the side to satisfy more of their needs. Plus, sex is usually not the case in sugar dating, especially when you`re with a young girl. Most men just need a companion so that they don`t feel too lonely. And sugar babies usually want to do it with someone they like, most likely younger than a sugar daddy.


Vanilla relationship vs sugar dating: defining the dynamic

One of the main differences between these two camps is the way the dynamic of your relationship is going. If you`re in a sugar baby-daddy relationship, you`re just standing on the same spot all the time. The only progress you make is to get to know each other, but you don`t go any further. Most sugar relationships don`t involve a sexual part. So, you can`t explore even this path while sugar dating. Plus, it doesn`t require any effort or self-improvement to make partners like each other: you just find sugar daddy or baby who`s currently available and hang out together.

On the contrary, the vanilla relationship is deeper in all aspects. It rapidly develops and gives life lessons. The vanilla relationship has a long yet exciting path of growing. For some couples, it takes a couple of months to realize they love each other and take the next steps in their relationship. Some people take it slow and make less spontaneous, yet serious decisions within a couple of years. Plus, it`s always a pleasure to experience all these important relationship stages when you`re vanilla dating: from the honeymoon phase to getting 100% used to each other and accepting all the flaws of your partner.

Pros and cons of sugar relationship


  • No tough arguments or fights
  • Can be easily stopped at any time
  • No strings attached
  • Gives exactly what you seek


  • The only satisfaction for sugar babies is money
  • No long-term attachment
  • No real feelings
  • Can sometimes lead to harassment and financial manipulation

Pros and cons of vanilla relationship


  • Based on real feelings and commitment
  • Requires a lot of self-work and helps improve character
  • Brings emotional fulfillment
  • Always includes a sexual part
  • Brings sense to one`s life


  • Might be hard to find and maintain
  • Sometimes leads to arguments and big fights
  • Breakups can be bitter

There`s no right or wrong in any kind of relationship. It all depends on your current needs and state of mind, so you know what`s best for you at the moment. Sugar dating is a great option to fulfill necessary needs, and the vanilla relationship is more about settling down and eventually committing to someone more important than anyone else. Find your perfect relationship type and be happy!

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